Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Logos are distinct and memorable designs that are used to represent a business or enterprise. Logo designing is the process of designing a logo and is among the first tasks undertaken while starting a new venture. Hence, logos are the face of any brand - the very first impression and when executed correctly, serves a very powerful asset to the business. Further, in today's digital words, businesses have to compete for attention and   credibility - far beyond the traditional confines of a business card, brochure and website. Today's businesses must address its customers through multiple touch points like sign boards, videos, mobile apps, ecommerce platforms, packaging and a myriad of social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Hence, its important to take time and design a logo that represent the company while starting a new venture.

Some of the important points to consider while designing a logo are the target audience, culture of the company, company's color scheme, font choice, business name and tag line. Logo's need not incorporate the business name or tag line. However, in case the logo must be registered as a Trademark, then it must incorporate the business name and its products like Trademark.

Necessary Aspects of Logo Designing

There are necessary aspects of Logo Designing like;

  • Combination Work
  • Wordmark
  • Letter Mark
  • Symbol Mark
  • Emblem                      

Benefits of Having a Great Business Logo

It will be very beneficial for the business to have a great and attractive Logo.

  • Logo Recognize the brand of any kind of business;
  •  Professionalism
  • Logo show your personality
  • Product Branding.
  • A good Logo will draw everyone’s eye and help you to stand out different in a crowd of competition.
  • The Logo also helps to inform customers about your market sector immediately.
  • Improving your market efforts.
  • Helps to improve the relationship with your clients.


  • Professional fees :

  • 5999/-

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