MOA Amendment

MOA Amendment

Memorandum of Association Amendment

Memorandum of Association of a Company sets down the constitution of a company including the permitted range of activities of the company, state of incorporation, type of company, capital clause, liability clause and more. Changes to Memorandum of Association of a company can be required while changing name of a company, changing registered office from state to state. alteration of objects clause, alteration of capital clause or increase of authorised capital. Changes to the Memorandum of Association of a company would require the passing of a special resolution and shareholders consent.

Clauses in the Memorandum of Association (MOA)

There are many of the clauses in the memorandum of association like;

  • Name Clause
  • Object Clause
  • State Clause
  • Liability Clause
  • Capital Clause

Ways to Amend the MOA of the Company

These are some ways to amend the MOA of the company like;

  • By change of the name.
  • By changing liability of the members.
  • By increase in Authorized share capital.
  • By change of registered office of the company.
  • By change of the main business object of the company.

Process of Amendment of MOA of the Company

These are some steps in this process like;

Step 1: Conduct the board of the meeting.

Step 2: Call and convene the general meeting of the members.

Step 3: Pass necessary resolution in General Meeting.

Step 4: File necessary forms with the ROC such as MGT-14, SH-7, INC-22 or INC-23.

Step 5: Receipt of certificate of amendment of MOA of the company.

Reasons for MOA Amendment

There are some reasons behind for the amendment of the MOA like;

  • Change of the name of the company.
  • Change in registered office address of the company.
  • Change in business activity of the Company.
  • Change in the category of the company such as conversion of Pvt ltd company into public ltd. Company.


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