NGO Registration

NGO Registration

Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO)

NGOs or the Non-governmental organization’s are usually non-profit. Sometimes these are often funded by the government. Any National and International organizations are independent upon the governments & international governmental organizations Like NGO Registration Service (as funded by them). However, these are active always in humanitarian, human rights Act, educational, health careying, public policy, social, environmental, trade, and others areas to effect changes according to their objectives. There are Documents required for section 8 which is also called a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) without them the respective government will n't be able to give commencement for the registration any and every company.

If you want Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) can be registered as a legal entity in various method/ways :-

  • Trusts
  • Societies
  • Non-Profit Companies/Section 8 Company etc.

Key Elements of NGO Registration

If you are planning to register your NGO then certain imperative decisions are required to be complete beforehand. There are many of the key elements are required to be finalized and implemented through the registrations course of action. These key organic factors include:

  • Vision
  • Structure
  • Governing Body
  • Name
  • Location and Area of Operation
  • Draft By-Laws

Purpose of Registration

  • It doesn't matter what type of NGO you want to start. The field you work might differ, but you must have the ultimate goal and inherent desire of helping and supporting and carying others.
  • formerly you have decided to start an NGO, you should have a surely defined goal and a transparent vision for which it is established and will be operated. You must also mention the benefits of establishing an NGO which is either Public in general method or in a set of peoples.

Documents Required for the NGO 

  • Identity Proof (Voter ID/ Aadhar Card, etc)
  •  Passport (mandatory)
  •  Proof of residence (Electricity bill/ Telephone no./ Mobile Bill or Bank Statement).
  • Registered Office Address Proof Documents etc. (Rent agreement if the premises is not owned by the register company).
  • Documents claiming the ownership such as a Sale Deed or House Tax etc receipt along with a No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • At least two shareholders
  • Minimum two directors
  • Shareholders and Directors could be the same.
  • At least Minimum one Director should be an Indian resident
  • There is no minimum capital required.
  • Income tax PAN (mandatory)

Advantages of NGO Registration

 There are various benefits of the NGO Registration Example;

  • The legal status of organizations build sure they are accountable for all the funds and donations they collect.
  • A registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and NGO Registration Service thinks, works and develops in a systematic manner and functions accordingly requrements
  • A company that is registered as an NGO stays within the ethical, socialist and legalist specification of the society.
  • The basic need for running a company is to have a bank account under his name. If they don’t have any account then open an account, it is compulsatory to be registered as a non-profitable organization.
  • The registration of an NGO will also helping in tax exemption if they re registered under Income Tax Authorities.
  • Professional fees :

  • 29999/-

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