Patent Registration

Patent Registration

Patent Registration

A patent registration helps you to get a patent of an intellectual property right to an invention carried out by an individual or firm. IP department has been initiated by Indian government to grant you the full right to register your invention under patent (but only if it is unique). In return the inventor must produce all the proofs related to the invention as asked by the government. It also ensures that owner gets more preference over other person for your particular invention. In India, Patent is being governed by the Patent Act 1970 & Patent Rules 1972.

Patent does not long for a lifetime. If you file a patent now then after a period of 20 years it falls under the public domain. The invention can be anything such as process, art, method to manufacture, particular apparatus, machine, computer software, technical application, chemicals or drugs. 

Advantages of Patent Registration

There are some benefits of Patent like;

  • It protects an invention.
  • Sell and Transfer patent right.
  • It is valid for 20 years.
  • Build Business.
  • Royalties.
  • Monopoly.

Reasons for Registration for Patents

There are some reasons behind the registration of Patents like;

  • Get Loyalty by Licensing Your Patents.
  • Protection for a period of 20 years in India.
  • You can then utilize your invention yourself.
  • Stop others from using your invention without your permission.

Criteria for Filing a Patent

There are some criteria for filing a Patent like;

  • Novelty
  • Inventive Step/Non-Obvious
  • Industrial Applicability

Documents required for filing a Permanent Patent Application

Title-Title of the invention

Applicants Information-Name, address, contact details and nationality of each applicant for the patent.

Description of the Invention-Detailed description of the invention and details about what the patentee wants to claim out of the invention

Technical aspects of the Invention-Technical details about the invention and drawings along with copy of Provisional patent (if filed)

  • DSC of Applicant-Dsc of the applicant, if the applicant does not have DSC, it can be provided by TaxFusion with an additional charge

üMSME or StartUp India Certificate (If any)-These documents are required for procuring subsidized cost

Procedure of Patent Registration

There are some steps comes under the procedure of Patent Registration like;

  1. Patent Search
  2. Patent Domicile
  3. File Patent Applicant
  4. Patent Review
  5. Patent Grant

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