Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

What is a Resignation Letter?

A Resignation letter is a letter given by an employee to a company when the employee wants to resign from his current position in the company and stop working in the company. This letter consists of request of date to be relieved, reasons for resignation and time of serving the notice period. The resignation letter is only valid after it has been accepted by the employer.

How to Submit Resignation Letter

This resignation letter format and generator can be used by an employee to quickly and easily generate a resignation letter citing various reasons. Once, the resignation letter is generated, it can be printed on a plain paper, signed and delivered to the employer. Resignation letters can also be sent via email to the concerned HR Manager. It is a good practice to provide the employer with sufficient notice period while preparing a resignation letter.

How to Create Resignation Letter

This resignation letter can be printed on a plain white paper, signed and delivered to the employer. A resignation letter is usually handed to human resource department or the supervisor. One copy of the document is retained by the employee and another is issued to the employer.

On receiving a resignation letter, its a good practice to request the person receiving the document to acknowledge receipt of the document by signing on the document. If a resignation letter is provided through email, then a request confirming receipt of request can be requested from the recipient.

Points to Remember

A resignation letter is in most cases only a request to relieve you off duty, as per the employment contract or appointment letter. It is upto the Employer to accept / reject / make counter offer on receipt of a resignation letter, subject to the terms of employment contract. Most employers on accepting a resignation letter indicate a last date of employment.

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